The block counter FEG-420 was designed to access control of high flow of people. Produced to
ensure confiability in control and security of the user’s passage. It was developed with a focus on
innovation, functionality and quality, it allows interface to various systems of electronic control of

Download Dimensions - Counter Block FEG – 420 Download Counter Block FEG – 420

    Subway stations, BRT, trains, bus terminals, commercial buildings, among others.


    • Block made with two lateral columns and a top cell, having a hollow area
    between the columns;
    • Electronic turnstile and top cover in brushed stainless steel;
    • External edges of the cabinet have rounded corners with a radius of 20 mm;
    • Hub for fixing the arms in polished aluminum;
    • Brushed stainless steel arms, with closed extremities with the same material;
    • Modulated and fixed tops of extremities by quick fit system;
    • Customizable extremities covers to accommodate components such as
    validators, displays, readers, keyboards, among others.
    • Electronic turnstile with large internal space to accommodate collector card
    box or various electronic systems;
    • Access to the interior of the electronic turnstile through two sides doors;
    • Access and complete removal of the mechanical and electric set kit through
    the central top cover;
    • Internal components with treatment against oxidation;
    • Electromechanical control for both ways (bidirectional);
    • Seven operational ways selected by the keyboard of the control board or
    Mode 1: controlled entry and blocked exit;
    Mode 2: blocked entry and controlled exit;
    Mode 3: controlled entry and exit;
    Mode 4: controlled entry and free exit;
    Mode 5: free entry and controlled exit;
    Mode 6: free entry and exit;
    Modo 7: blocked entry and exit.
    • Two pictograms that indicate the operating mode of the block (entry or exit).
    • PI (Protection Index): 53;
    • Supply voltage: 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz;
    • Maximum power consumed: 35 W
    • Maximum relative humidity for operation: 95% non-condensing
    • Operation temperature: -10°C ~ 55°C.