The semiautomatic One-Arm lifting platform* FOCA-BRAUN for buses is an accesibility equipment
to the vehicle’s interior for people with reduced mobility. In its stowed position, the lift is kept in a
dedicated space by the luggage.

Download One Arm Semi Automatic Hydraulic lift Download Folder one arm Lift

    Buses with available space for luggage.


    • General function: electro hydraulic lift, power up and gravity down.
    • Platform Opening: Manual
    • Operation: electrohydraulic pump with one cylinder
    • Control: hand-held controller (push button)
    • Work Temperature: -10º till 60ºc
    • Power Supply: 24Vcc or optional 12Vcc
    • Current Comsumption: 40A (24Vcc) ou 80A (12Vcc)
    • Lifting capacity: 250,00Kgs
    • Coating: Anti-corrosion powder coating
    • Lift weight: 140,00Kgs
    • Emergency operating system: integrated manual pump.