The unique feature of the Braun Vista Split series lies within
the platform. When not in use the split platform is stowed in
parallel to the vehicle’s sides, leaving an unobstructed view
and good access. The public use lifts are fully automatic in
operation and operated by an attendant using the standard
handheld control.


    • When stowed, the unique split platform always provides an
    unobstructed view, access and emergency exit
    • Illuminated platform
    • Bridging feature simplifi es boarding from pavement
    • Durable hand-held control box
    • New rigid handrails for wheelchair users and standees
    • Low tripping hazard and easy loading thanks to lowest lift to
    vehicle fl oor threshold available today
    • New rigid vertical mechanical In Board barrier (IB) for extra
    safety and improved bumper clearance
    • Raised pump (RP) models facilitates installation and
    cleaning and general access around the lift
    • Designed for side or rear door installation.
    • Cycle counter
    • EMC test approved
    • Type approved
    • CE-marked