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Access control for companies

Access control for companies

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Access control for companies!

Or, more importantly, it's time you put all your expertise into 'no game' access control. Show the client, in a consultative manner, all the possibilities that can be implemented in a small or medium-sized company.

Today, there are different types of access control that allow for 5 different security levels:

Level 1: key;

Level 2: password;

Level 3: Proximity keyring;

Level 4: biometrics;

Level 5: Facial recognition.

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And it is up to you, the installer, to present each one of them and indicate the most suitable for each specific business need. Small and medium-sized business owners often believe they are safe just by locking the door with a key and padlock. But you know well that this is not true. And that's where your knowledge comes in to offer more modern products that guarantee greater protection.

A medical, dental or even veterinary clinic can count on a combined intercom or video intercom solution. The objective is to release access for patients and companions, as well as control the entry of the team of collaborators.

Through digital locks, it is possible, for example, to put a password in offices or in places that require restricted access, such as the medication room.

Access control system: business

Best of all, there are opportunities everywhere you go! And that depends a lot on your ability to see new business.

Let's assume that a visit to a company is scheduled tomorrow to repair or install an intercom. Take advantage and take along other equipment that may be useful to improve security, such as password or proximity locks, video surveillance cameras or even a complete IP CCTV system.

Once the entrepreneur was open to listen to his proposal, it doesn't hurt to offer a quick consultation to identify all the needs and present the products 'live' and how each of them can help to reinforce the company's security. The chance of installing a new item at this time may not be great, but the decision maker will certainly be interested and may look for you at a future time.

Want another example?

You can visit a company that already has IP CCTV and an alarm center, a project that was carried out by another professional. The receptionist identifies who enters through the camera, the alarm does not go off and the person circulates freely around the place, since there is no access control at important points.

Your colleague's 'forgetfulness' is the opportunity you needed. Access control is one of the pillars of a security system and important in environments with a lot of people flow. Make an adequate offer by analyzing the entire structure of the place. Is there an external gate? Is he covered? Do you have protection?

The message is clear: it's up to you to generate new sales! The entrepreneur may not even know that the technologies you sell exist and really have no idea what they really need.

Access control system: go beyond security

Did you know that the advantages of using an access control system go far beyond security? This system provides many other benefits that make life easier for employees in a small or medium-sized business. See below:

Avoid work overload

Fatigue can lead to serious errors and an access control solution can help prevent this. Owners can review working hours based on when employees enter and leave each location. If an employee is working more than usual, the manager can step in and resolve the situation.

Simplifies the day-to-day of employees

Employees at medical centers, schools and even offices can use the access control card to open lockers and even pay for lunch. By integrating with the payroll system, all lunch transactions are deducted directly from the payroll.

Trust the leader in access control systems

Intelbras is the Brazilian leader in access control systems and has products for all needs and budgets. From more affordable solutions to more robust solutions with facial recognition, ideal for more robust, structured organizations with investment power.

Our product line is divided into 3 categories:

Home office: plug and play, can also be used by small businesses. It has residential intercoms, video intercoms and digital locks;

Corporate: more robust, allows for different reporting and protection levels. It is composed of access controllers, electronic and electric locks;

Condominium: meets the needs of the administrator or condominium manager, who wants to provide more security to residents, employees and visitors.

In addition to having the most complete and comprehensive line on the market, Intelbras can help you put into practice all your ideas for installing this type of solution in small and medium-sized companies. We have instructors spread all over Brazil and we offer practical courses, focused on 'hands on'. These are trainings that range from basic configurations to certifications.

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