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How do access controls work?

How do access controls work?

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How do access controls work?

Increasingly, more people circulate through the premises of industries, commercial buildings, mixed buildings and residential condominiums. With the advent of the delivery system, then, those who had not yet embarked on the practicality of tele deliveries had no other alternative in the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, industries, large and small companies, commercial facilities in general, office buildings and residences, regardless of their areas of activity or location, need to be sure that only authorized people will have access to their premises – employees, visitors, customers. , residents, visitors, suppliers and delivery people, for example. Access control is the ideal solution for owners and managers looking for an autonomous way to take their company's security to a new level.

Therefore, the implementation of an effective access control system becomes essential. Access control manages the entry and exit flow of people and vehicles, preventing unwanted visits. Apart from guaranteeing the security of the assets of companies and personnel of all those who circulate there, access control standardizes the way to enter a certain place. Thus, people who can circulate in space need to follow the same pattern. A common access rule is created and unauthorized circulation becomes unfeasible.

Technology counts a lot when it comes to access control, but its effectiveness depends on some variables that need to be observed when implementing it. For the success of an access control system, you need to consider:

– The local structural conditions;

– The characteristics of the region where the space to be controlled is located;

– The volume of people who will circulate there;

– The security policy adopted on site; if it doesn't exist, the time has come to propose it.

These variables will act on the type of access control that will be adopted. Essentially, all access controls follow a basic sequence of actions:

– whoever wants to access the place approaches and informs their destination or the person they want to talk to;

– the structure of the system physically prevents access;

– the system (with or without the presence of a doorman) identifies the interested party;

– the system checks if the person who wants to enter is authorized to do so;

– the system grants access or not.

After evaluating all these variables, the time has come to consider which technology is best suited to the company's needs. Access controls, automatic gates, electronic security, audio and video system, video surveillance cameras: Foca is qualified to serve from small projects for offices to large projects and municipalities.

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